Andrea Mollenauer in Black Chef Apron

Andrea Mollenauer

Chef Instructor Cabrillo College Culinary

Andrea's Background

Connections and networking are important

Andrea first describes her background around being an instructor and how she got into culinary and how she became an instructor

About the programs at Cabrillo college

If you’re passionate about something there are jobs where you can share it to other people.

Andrea shares what the program is about and her work as an instructor. She goes into detail what her job entails and what responsibilities she has

Programs for high school students

As a teacher, her lessons cater to every person in a wide range of demographics

Andrea describes the opportunities for high schoolers and how it correlates with her work. She talks about how students can get involved, what skills they get to develop, and how these credits are transferrable to other colleges.

Full Podcast

Tune in this evening at 7pm to KSQD 90.7 FM Community Radio or streaming at to hear from Cabrillo College culinary instructor Chef Andrea Mollenaur. Andrea shares her career journey from being a student of Cabrillo’s culinary program to recently being hired as a full time instructor, to running her Food Lounge in downtown Santa Cruz