Amanda Bird

Amanda Bird

Wastewater Treatment Operator

Work of a wastewater treatment operator

Even the jobs involving garbage is essential to keep a town running

Bird explains the what a wastewater treatment operator does, and jokes about how nobody wants to take the job because of the involvement of waste

Amanda's academic journey

Life can take you to unexpected places, even ones involving treating dirty water

Bird recounts the academic journey that led her to her current job, from college to a program that promoted high school dropouts or college graduates to receive jobs almost immediately

The Job no one wants to do

Sometimes, a job that you begrudgingly take will end up being the job that you can count on always having

Bird admits that while she was initially hesitant to take the position and how she got passed for drinking water treatment, her current occupation makes it so she will be able to keep the job long-term without worry that a recession will take away her position

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