Aki Williams

Aki Williams

Chief Operations Officer Defib This/Flight Nurse

What is COO

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben

Williams explains the the role of a COO in a company, and the responsibilities the position requires the officer to fulfill.

Starting as a nursing assistant

There is never a time to start your journey, just dive headfirst into it, and life will take you along.

Williams recalls her introduction into the medical field, which was mainly through her school’s ROP program, and the subsequent opportunties that came along after from choosing the career goal of a registered nurse in the ROP program.

Tenacity and Humility

Do not wait for opportunities to arrive at your feed. Take a deep breathe, and chase after them yourself.

Williams explains that to get opportunities and to arrive in a position similar to what she has today, one must need tenacity to chase these opportunities, the humility to take constructive criticism, and practice to continue to hone your skills and avoid atrophy.

The uncomfortable place

Go outside your comfort bubble, you will learn something new out of it, and continue to grow as a person.

To truly learn and move forward, Williams explains that it is essential for people to go into the uncomfortable places, where people would rather avoid, as they offer the most opportunities to learn under less-than-preferred circumstances, and where you can learn to help people.

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