Agus Perretta and Wiki Chaves

Agus and Wiki

Photography and Web Design, Waipa Studio

The Path to Photography and Web Development

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t be.

Agus and Wiki talk about how they became photographers and web developers respectively and some of the challenges they faced.

The Origins of Waipa Studio

Businesses start by filling a need.

Agus and Wiki talk about the origins of Waipa Studio and how it all started over an extended vacation.

Waipa Studio Through the Years

Values are the foundation of what you do.

Agus and Wiki talk about the development of Waipa Studio, its history, and a bit about their values.

Full Podcast

Agus and Wiki are – in contemporary terminology – “straight up goals.” Agus and Wiki have traveled the world since they immigrated to the United States from Argentina. In their travels and experiences, they found a way to form a business together after realizing they could combine their strengths and build each other up. Tune in now to learn from this incredible duo.