Francis Chau

Francis Chau

Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology

Day in the Life

Day starts with everyone in a team huddle and then disperses to learn specifics of the day.

Francis Chow explains a day in the life at the Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology and how he works with students at the school on a day to day basis.

Job Importance

Do a job that fulfills you

Francis Chow explains why his job is important to him and to his students; he mentions that the education industry teaches a lot more about the “how’s’, and also teaches them the “why’s”.

Advice to people unsure about career path

Do not be afraid of making mistakes

Francis Chow offers advice to those who may be unsure about what career path to take; he emphasizes taking risks and not being afraid of mistakes.

Full Podcast

On this episode of the What To Be Show listen as Francis Chow shares his career journey. Francis earned his degree in business before changing careers and working with his wife to help open the Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology in San Jose where he is a learning leader.